• 5 Whitetail Tactics You Won't Believe

    Let’s cut right to the chase. Deer hunting is a complicated endeavor. It takes serious know-how to be good at it. A good hunter possesses both an analytical and a creative mind. They change things up. They think unconventionally. And they try things that others won’t.

    hunting archery tips

    1. Velvet Bucks and Rifles

    Cold beer, spotlights, and redneck truck hunters come to mind when I hear velvet bucks and rifles in the same sentence. But, wildly enough, it’s legal in South Carolina. And some counties allow you to shoot velvet bucks as early as August. It’s hard to believe. And, surprisingly enough, it’s one of the best-kept secrets of deer hunting in the South.

    Velvet bucks are still in bachelor groups during the month of August. This is a prime opportunity for hunters to tag a velvet buck. Velvet bucks are vulnerable bucks. They aren’t as wary or as likely to disappear due to outside factors. And it’s a prime time to capitalize on their number one weakness: predictability.

    Lieutenant Ken Simmons, conservation officer with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, knows a thing or two about the early rifle season. He sees it every year.

    In game zone 3, you can rifle hunt or bow hunt starting August 15. In game zone 4, archery season opens August 15 and gun season opens September 1. These dates provide prime opportunities to tag a velvet buck with a gun. Simmons concurs with this and encourages people to pay attention to it. “Go online and get our rules and regulations,” Simmons said.

    Simmons also gave a little insight as to what to expect and how to approach this early-season hunt.

    “Have a ThermaCELL and be able to tolerate heat,” Simmons said. “My suggestion is to have patience. This early in the year, deer only move at last light.”

    2. Deer with a Spear

    I don’t know whose bright idea it was, but I have to say, this barbaric style of hunting looks pretty freakin’ cool. How often do you see a guy spear a deer? Never. You have better odds seeing Oprah Winfrey host a hunting show than me spearing a whitetail. I can’t even throw a knife…let alone a 5-foot atlatl.

    However, there is at least one fellow we know of that is good with one. Mr. Tim Wells, host of Relentless Pursuit Television, seems to have mastered this tactic patented by the cavemen. Check out his whitetail spear hunt. If Tim Wells were the Dos Equis commercial man, I think he’d say, “I don’t always kill big bucks, but when I do, I chuck a spear at them.”


    • Put stands directly over trails deer are using
    • Hang stands higher to prevent detection
    • Keep at least two spears in the stand with you
    • Take into account movement during the throw
    • Practice often

    In all seriousness, it’s a legitimate method, I suppose. Check your state’s regulations. It isn’t legal everywhere. But for those who can do it, why not give this ancient tactical approach a try?

    3. Backyard Bucks


    Controlled hunts are the answer for the increase in urban deer populations.

    Whitetails are infiltrating metropolitan areas more and more. These deer are the bane of many hunters’ existence—especially for those who hunt properties just outside metropolitan areas. Deer know they avoid hunters in urban landscapes where all they have to worry about are passing cars. The solution? Pack in and take down these city-slicker whitetails. If it’s in the city limits, make sure you use a bow, and follow all regulations that apply.

    I considered one of the bucks I killed early in my hunting career to be an urban buck. He wasn’t in the city limits. But he was in a pretty populated area. The buck was within sight of five different houses (and one old vacant home place) when I shot him. In fact, a family of thirty or more was having a family reunion less than 250 yards away when I pulled the trigger.

    Travis “T-Bone” Turner has quite a bit of experience with this sort. If you don’t take my word for it, take his.


    • Knock on doors (people don’t like paying insurance deductibles)
    • Focus on small woodlots within populated areas
    • Note that some cities and towns still have inholdings where crops are grown (hunt them)
    • Apply the knowledge you already use to hunt rural whitetails (it’s still hunting, folks)

    When push comes to shove, hunting backyard bucks is a legitimate practice that not many take advantage of. Don’t pass up a chance to hunt city deer.

    4. Bedding Area Invasions

    Hunting near bedding areas is frowned upon by some. Luckily, there are ways to hunt near bedding areas and not obliterate your chances of tagging a deer. Realtree.com Editor Tony Hansen is well versed in hunting close to bedding areas.

    “If I really want to hunt near a bedding area—especially during the rut—I have to beat the buck into it,” Hansen said. “Which means an absurdly early wake-up call. When I do it right, I’m sitting in the dark for 90 minutes. Sometimes a bit longer. And that’s in the dark. Pitch dark. I’m not counting time when it’s just starting to break dawn. I mean dark. By doing this, I’m in the area before most deer. And I can’t really even tell you the number of deer I’ve heard walking underneath my stand. The parade usually starts about 60 minutes before first light and ends about 20 minutes prior.”

    Hansen killed a droptine buck in Michigan a few years ago. Hansen said the buck walked underneath him in the dark, and he could tell it was the buck due to an exceptionally bright moon and a reflection of the deer in some standing water. It was about an hour before daylight when he witnessed this. Hansen killed the buck at 1 p.m. later that same day.

    5. Bellies on the Floor


    Daniel McVay of Buckventures poses with the buck he shot after crawling out into a field to get in position.

    Sometimes you just have to get low. I’m not talking about the kind of low you get when you’re listening to Snoop Dog or P. Diddy, either. I’m talking about crawling several hundred yards on hands and knees out into an open field where you’ll wait for a trophy-class buck.

    Not a lot of people can say they have done that. But Daniel McVay of Buckventures can. And he’s here to tell you how it’s done.

    “This particular hunt took place in a cut corn field,” McVay said. “Some people cut it to the ground. This field had 6-inch stalks. The buck I shot came out of an 8-foot CRP field. I was afraid to put out a ground blind, so I crawled in and laid on my belly. I cut a few green cedar browse, and we lay on our bellies. He stepped out…and the rest was history.”


    • Spend time scouting
    • Use this tactic for short hunts
    • Wear knee pads while crawling
    • Bring cushions for your chin, chest, waist, and knees
    • Occasionally roll over onto your side to prevent aching
    • Don’t hesitate when you get a shot

    This may not be the easiest tactic for your knees. It actually sounds like it shreds them. But when it comes to whitetails, you do what you need to do.

  • Duck Hunting: Best Chest Waders Reviews 2018

    Waders are waterproof boots that extended from your feet up to your chest, and are made out of neoprene, PVC, rubber, or Gore-Tex. Because they extend up to your chest, waders are often referred to as chest waders. They can be made with the boots attached to them or with stocking feet that you can wear inside your boots.

    Waders or even waterproof gloves are necessary for duck hunting because we all know how hunting duck can land us in some very muddy and wet situations. Waders keep your clothing and yourself dry so you can better enjoy your hunt.

    If you are interested for some rangefinder binoculars, please look at the post here. As for the binoculars which are at the cheaper side of the spectrum, you can check out here. If you are still not convinced whether you should get a binoculars or a spotting scope, you can read the article here.

    Why do you need a wader?

    Waterfowl hunting is very rugged and most waders are not capable of taking up that challenge. Hence, keeping your waders dry and stored appropriately is very important to make sure that you can avoid making a hole in the waders.

    Having good gear can make a significant difference in your success rate to waterfowl. If you are a serious duck hunter, you will not be able to move comfortable without a good set of waders where they will keep you warm and dry. Without impinging your movements, waders are made for the water allowing you to have dry legs when your come up of the pond.

    Guess what? If you take duck hunting seriously, choosing the right chest wader will make a significant difference in your hunting experience.

    Side note: It would be better if you are able to navigate your way through the thick marsh by using a GPS.

    Best 5 duck hunting waders comparison table

    Show 102550100 entries


    ProductReinforced knee padsShoulder StrapsMaterialsThinsulate insulationThicknessPrice








    Allen Cattail BootfootYesElastic (adjustable web suspender)Neoprene100g3.5mm$$$Duck Commander DeluxeYesElastic (1.5inch wide web)Neoprene and NylonNone3.5mm$$$Hodgman MackenzieNoLess ElasticNylon and PVCNone3.5mm$Frogg Togg AmphibYesElasticNeoprene200 g3.5mm$$LaCrosse Swamp Tuff ProYesLess ElasticNeoprene1000 g5.0mm$$$$

    Showing 1 to 5 of 5 entries



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    Important criteria to consider before buying a wader Materials

    There are many materials used to make waders such as neoprene with a variety of thickness. It is widely known that the best suited wader for waterfowl hunting is a 5mm bootfoot neoprene wader.

    What you wear underneath is also imperative because a good long pair of long irons and wool socks are vital as wool can keep your body warm although it is wet.

    To give a small comparison, neoprene waders will make you feel warmer compared to wearing other materials. I would recommend that you go for a thicker neoprene for a colder season which effectively keeps your body warm. Thick neoprene is great for insulation.

    As for breathables, they are nicer to wear in milder temperature and if you like to move around more. If you want to spend longer time submerged in the water, neoprene is still the best material there is!

    I would only encourage to go for breathables if the weather there is warm. If the material can provide excellent airflow, you do not have to suffer the heat during a hot weather especially with it trapped inside your wader.

    Talking about stocking foot, it is more comfortable and they give you more ankle support. Boot foot are generally much warmer. As for colder weather, you should opt for thicker insulated boots such as 5mm to keep you warm.

    Since there are many different weathers to cater for with all kinds of situations, you need to pick the materials that can fit your needs. Choose wisely and you will not regret getting that pair of waders.

    Note: Interested in boots? We have reviews for you for both men and women.

    Durability and toughness

    If you want to know how long your gear can last, it will all come down to the durability and toughness in the gears. And waders are not an exclusion.

    The last thing you want is a pair of waders that is easily teared when you are wading through the mashes. Especially during winter or even autumn, you will not be able to endure leaks into your waders because the water is too cold at that time. To have a comfortable time duck hunting, having a durable pair of waders is a necessity.

    Luckily, the contemporary manufacturers of hunting waders have invented ingenious methods and even materials which can high resist puncture and friction.

    For a quality wader, I would recommend that the pair is puncture-resistant. The wader should have quality materials for the outer layer to prevent puncture and reinforced knee for comfort. Furthermore, good quality stitching and seams is vital to hold the wader together for a long time.


    Obviously, the more protection on the leg, the better the product. Good reinforcement makes it harder for those pointy beaver-chewed sticks and underwater stumps to ruin your day.

    If you are a serious hunting wader, it would be wise to get a pair of waders with boot-foot configuration. With it being a nice fit, there would be no possibility that mud can stick onto the boots when you are wading out.

    Since you are staying in the water on hours’ end, making sure that your toes are warm is vital. Ensure that the wader and boots are properly insulated especially for colder climate. Being able to stay out wading a little bit longer because your feet and body are kept warm can translate to more successful hunting. You need to pay more for better insulation but this is an investment which is worth it.


    Today, there are plenty of excellent camouflage patterns in the market making it an even harder endeavor to decide which pattern to purchase.

    It would be great if you know where is your favorite hunting spot and generally how it looks like so that you can choose a camouflage that best fits the location. I would encourage you to get a pair of waders for different season because each season has its unique camouflage.

    Having said that, it would be better for you to choose a camo that works best in a stubble field than in a marsh. This is because a portion of your body will be hidden under water when you are in the river bottom or cattails.

    However, camouflage would make all the difference if you were to hunt in an open field for ducks.

    Note : Since animals will also camouflage with their surroundings, I would recommend the use of binoculars for seeing in near vision while spotting scopes are used to see at farther places. Here are tips to care for your binoculars too.

    Allen Cattail Boot Foot Chest Waders (Neoprene) Mossy Oak Blades Camo (Review)

    This is a wader which is manufactured by the Allen Company.

    The Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest wader is a nylon knit with Mossy Oak Blades camouflage jersey. The materials are laminated up to 3.5 mil neoprene. With this, the Mossy Oak Blades are a great camouflage if you want to stay hidden in the marsh, standing corns and even cattails.

    Since the Allen Cattail Bootfoot chest wader is made of neoprene, this wader can stretch accordingly to the shape of your body. The crotch on this wader is really well built too. The quality used to make this wader is extremely good as well. The wader is stitched together very well and a cushioned knee pad is included. With this great quality, you can aspect your wader to last several years without any problem.

    Furthermore, there are adjustable web suspenders with D-ring which is located on the front and back of the wader. Do not worry even if you are more than 6 inches tall because this wader can cater for a variety of height. The adjustable straps will make sure you fit great with a pair of boots that can put in large feet.

    The Allen Cattail boot foot chest wader can hold up for many seasons even though you have a big and muscular built. You can aspect it to have zero holes and extreme comfort with minimal wear.

    Moreover, the features included are a high back design, reinforced knee pads, hand warmer pockets and even web waist belt. Even so, there is only one pocket available on this wader.

    The boots that come with the wader has semi-hard toe cap and steel arch support. Not only that, the rubber boots is packed with 1000 grams of Thinsulate insulation which will keep you warm and dry while you are waiting out on the waterfowl during you hunts particularly duck hunting.

    Trust me, the 1000 grams of Thinsulate would be excellent insulation. With this, the boots will have your feet feel incredibly warm and snuggly. You can expect yourself staying several hours in the ponds and not freeze at all!

    Also, you will have a lot of room to work with and the wader will fit true to your size.

    To extend on the explanation, the Allen Cattail waders are perfect if you want to hunt in the middle or late in the season when your surrounding temperature starts to decrease.

    A word of advice, if you dislike wearing large size shoes you should get at least one size smaller. For example, if you normally wear size 8 or even 8.5, you should get size 7 for the shoe. Be careful with the boot’s seam because they might easily split.

    All and all, the Allen Cattail Bootfoot chest wader is very durable and the price for this is reasonably cheap. With this wader, you can aspect your feet to feel warm and dry even if you are submerged in water for a prolonged period of time. No doubt, the insoles or boots will keep you warm. There will also be a 3 months’ warranty provided if you were to purchase this wader.

    Duck Commander Breathable Deluxe Chest Wader (Review)

    This is a product which is manufactured by Duck Commander.

    The Duck Commander Breathable deluxe chest wader is in Realtree MAX-4 camouflage which is coupled with taped seams. Generally, the whole waders are made from neoprene, nylon and synthetic. It is heavy duty but light in weight.

    Not only that, the waders are made from lightweight neoprene which is highly resistant with water. With these two qualities, you can expect to be hard on your waders by walking extensively even through crossing fences. You can be sure that your feet will stay dry after hours in the marsh too.

    All of the waders for this company is available in 8 to 14 (which only includes whole sizes only). You can also wear an extra pair of wool socks to fend off the cold weather. For this wader, I would recommend you to buy the size as stated or bigger by just 0.5. But if you are hunting in really cold weather, you may want to buy a bigger size because you may add clothing onto your body for warmth.

    Moreover, there is a neoprene insulated lug sole boot to keep your feet warm and comfortable. With the lightweight neoprene for the wader and boot, you will get maximum heat and protection.

    In addition, the Duck Commander breathable deluxe chest wader has reinforced knee and shin area which significantly increases the durability of the wader. These are the waders for you if you want it to sustain long-term in the toughest conditions in the marsh.

    Even if you are to go for duck hunting in a warm weather, the duck commander wader is highly breathable. The wader will allow for good air flow, helping you to sweat less while hunting under the hot sun.

    Furthermore, there is adjustable nylon suspenders with a 1.5-inch-wide web strap allowing you to move comfortably while still having the wader sufficiently tight to avoid dropping off. With these suspenders, the wader can fit you perfectly for a better hunting experience.

    The Duck Commander breathable deluxe chest wader has a front pocket with shell loops which can hold up to nine shot shells. The pockets are all very strategically located. These waders are highly durable too and they will remain leak-free even if you use it for an extensive period of time.

    For people who are smaller in size, not to fret. A removable waist belt is optional to hold the waders onto your body. Even if you have a slim built, the belt around your waist can assist you.

    One downside is the boots can bring a considerably amount of discomfort to the feet if you walk with it for a prolonged period of time. You need to wear a good pair of socks to counter this defect.

    To conclude, if you want to walk along the marsh light and warm, the Duck Commander Breathable Deluxe chest wader is for you. You can now stay longer in the marsh with these waders to keep you comfortable, making it much easier for you to hunt. With these waders, you can fit them comfortably on your body and go to the marsh all day long. Really affordable pair of waders too!

    Hodgman Mackenzie Boot-foot Chest (Cleated Nylon/PVC) (Review)

    This is a masterpiece manufactured by Hodgman.

    First and foremost, the Hodgman Mackenzie boot-foot chest wader is made from rugged and heavy denier PVC. The waders are also coated with nylon to keep the water outside of your wader to prevent your body from being wet. The textile is extremely well-constructed.

    The color for the Hodgman Mackenzie Boot-foot chest wader is brown and it is 35 percent lighter in weight compared to traditional rubber chest waders. This light weight feature will allow for easier movement during times of need. You may even be surprised the amount of comfort and ease they can provide. These waders are extremely efficient in bring you to the place you want to do your duck hunting.

    Furthermore, the Hodgman Mackenzie wader is made from tough nylon shell fabric which is high durable in nature. You do not need to worry about water leaking into your wader with these durable waders even if you need to run into branches and even thorns. Really rugged pair of waders.

    Moreover, the PVC boot that comes with the wader is 25 percent more durable than rubber.

    Also, the Hodgman Mackenzie boot-foot chest wader is cleated with nylon and PVC allowing more flexibility with less chafing compare to rubber waders. With this, I know that you will be pleased because you can catch many ducks in many locations which are considered tricky to work through. For the price, this is a very durable wader comparing to its peers. But it is still wise to be careful by giving it tough treatment.

    In addition, the waders have adjustable suspenders that comes with easy on and off buckles will allow with a customized fitting. This wader is supposed to fit just below your armpit.

    The Hodgman Mackenzie boot-foot chest wader is also suitable for warm weather. For some individuals, neoprene might be a bit hot for them and this nylon and PVC waders can definitely fit the bill providing breathability and comfort.

    Not only that, the lightweight PVC boots with cleated nylon or PVC on the outsoles will allow you to move without being worn down by heavy rubber boots. This pair of waders will keep you dry and warm even though you spent hours in the water. With this all-rubber boots, you do not need to worry about the pads falling off from your feet.

    The Hodgman Mackenzie boot-foot chest wader is also really suitable for being in the water during cold season. You can even use this wader to get to your boat in cold weather and they will definitely keep you warm.

    There is one internal pocket included to keep your things safe from the splashes.

    Interestingly, there is a little extra material which is located around the waist which actually makes it easier to bend and move while wearing the waders.

    It is unfortunate that the size of the wader is a bit misleading. If you were to buy a size accordingly to your sizing chart, the boots may be perfect for your legs but the chest may be a but baggy. Sometimes, the straps may not help you to fit snug in the waders. You also have to be careful with the boots because there is not much traction.

    One tip is that you can even place a Velcro pocket inside of the wader too so that you can carry several items with ease. If your wader seems long, you can pull the waders up to your armpit and increasing tighten the straps to make it fit your body.

    In conclusion, this good pair of boot-foot wader is very cheap while providing excellent quality. This may be the most comfortable and durable waders you can come across. Really good quality given the cheap price.

    Frogg Toggs Amphib 3.5mm Neoprene Bootfoot Cleated Wader (Review)

    This is a product made by Frogg Toggs. This product is imported.

    The Forgg Toggs Amphib bootfoot cleated wader comes in dark green color which is generally suitable for most marsh. To be exact, it is forest green. The foot size available are from 8 to 13 where size 8 has chest which caters for 42 inches and inseam is 31.5 inches. The 13-foot size has a chest of 48 inches and inseam of 35 inches. The fit for this wader is really good.

    Moreover, the Frogg Toggs Amphib 3.5mm wader is reinforced with neoprene knee pads for greater durability. The knee pad seams will not get stretched too badly even when you bend your knees.

    With this wader, you can be able to duck hunt for a prolonged period of time because this waders will keep you warm and dry even for conditions which are deemed extreme. I can assure you that you will feel warm be it standing or kneeling in the water.

    The Frogg Toggs Amphib bootfoot wader is structure in a way to keep you in the waters because this wader can provide quality waterproof protection. There is also a 3.5mm neoprene on the upper with hi-back upper design which is excellent for you to do deep wading. This feature is also extremely useful for float tube.

    Also, accessories such as “D” rings are provided in the Frogg Togg waders for keeping your things clipped on safely.

    Furthermore, this bib-style wader has suspenders that has hooks and loops which can be used for adjustment.

    Additionally, the Frogg Togg Amphib bootfoot has 3.5mm neoprene booties with sliding gravel guards too. The boots can also accommodate thick and warm socks if you are still concerned about feeling too cold.

    As for the boots, it is made from 200 grams of Thinsulate. This kind of insulation will make it very comfortable for you to go duck hunting in colder climates especially when the water is freezing cold. You do not need to worry about tearing your boots too because there is a RipTrack cleated rubber on the outsoles. This boots will make you feel much warmer than most insulated rubber boots too. As for the grip, it is really good especially on the bottom.

    The Frogg Togg Amphib Neoprene bootfoot wader is has a fleece lined hand warmer which provides you with greater comfort in the cold weather. This hand-warming chest pocket will come in handy when you were to hunt in cold weather.

    A word of advice, your inseam should be about 2 inches less compared to the wader inseam which is necessary to allow for movement. The high quality Velcro straps which are available will be handy too.

    Even so, the legs of this wader might be a bit long. Hence, you will fit great if you are taller for your current shoe size. You also need to be careful when you use this boots in the mud because the boots have a tendency to rub against the wader. There may also be minor leaks in the front chest pockets. So, it would be great if you can get some items ready to patch it up when that happens.

    To sum it up, the Frogg Togg Amphib neoprene bootfoot wader has all the features which are often only found in expensive waders and it is still considerably cheap. One more bonus is you can even get one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. With this, you can spend hours in the water and still be comfortable and warm even in cold weather!

    LaCrosse Men’s Swamp Tuff Pro 1000G Waders

    This is a product manufactured by LaCrosse. This product is the winner of Field & Stream’s best of the best award too! LaCrosse is a really professional company which is one of the big manufacturers for duck hunting waders.

    Mainly, the LaCrosse Men’s Swamp Tuff Pro waders is made of Neoprene. These are Swamp Tuff Pro Bottom Land with one thousand grams of insulation. It has fit finish too and it is made with really good quality. Extremely well made if you were to compare with first quality material.

    In addition, this wader features the start of LaCrosse’s innovative Armor weld with a seam sealing process. Basically, this is a very important feature because it can provide long-lasting waterproof protection when you are in the waters. This would also help in leak-proofing.

    Furthermore, you will be amazed with the waders because it is made from abrasion-resistant Brush Tuff bi-directional material which is known to be one hundred percent water-proof. This is made from extremely durable material too.

    The waders are also very fitting as they are true to size. The camouflage of this waders are extremely well-designed too. To add on, there is even adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt for an adjustable fit with great comfort.

    The outsoles on the LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro waders are made of rubber while the upper part of the LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro waders is made of neoprene. There is even an added in slick river bottom to ensure you have great warmth and top traction while you are hunting in the warer. The LaCrosse Swamp Tuff pro outsoles are actually inspired by rugged and stable hiking boot outsoles which are known to provide really good traction.

    Moreover, there is even and added Alpha construction for more comfort and insulation. There is even a removable shotgun shell pouch which can hold a full box of shells while letting you attach your game bag. To give a rough guideline, the shell pockets can hold about an entire box of shells.

    Speaking about perfection, this boots even have contoured Ankle-Fit design which helps eschew from heel slippage and even chafing. For a bonus, you are even provided with top-loading chest pockets, handwarmer pockets for cold weathers and even waterproof front pockets to keep your things safe. There is even a roll-out game bag for this wader.

    This is definitely the wader for you if you want to hunt in cold weather because it is made with 1000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation which basically keeps you warm even in very cold climate. There is even a heavy weight 5 millimeter feece-lined neoprene to ensure more warmth in your body.

    Since the manufacturer wants to make sure there is no leak, they made the wader a but thick which can be a little tight and harder to walk too. But it is all done under good intentions to provide great quality and durability. Also, this wader may be a little bit heavy too because of the heavy construction. Try to get a bigger size because it may seem somewhat small if you have a larger built. My advice is to get a larger size because the wader is really fitting.

    If you were to purchase this wader, it would be very suitable for a number of outdoor activities including fishing and hunting. With these amazing specifications, you can see for yourself why Field and Stream chose this wader as the best compared to the others. This will definitely keep you cozy warm even in late season with negative degree weather.


    If you are interested to go dry and warm in the next hunting season, you need to get the suggested waders above! Don’t forget to pair the waders with a handy fishing jacket or vest (if you’re not a fan of jackets).What other waders do you think performs extremely well? Please comment in the box below!

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